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Twilight: Teenagers and Vampires!

Twilight movieTo be honest, I have not heard much about this teenage obsession with vampires, and I have no clue what physical traits makes vampires so romantic. Must be them fangs, or the pale skins, or in the case of Twilight, the fact that they can climb trees really quickly with a girl on their back.

However, this past weekend I’ve had the opportunity to go check this much hyped up movie along with a friend, and I admit I quite enjoyed it. What I was really expecting was the typical “chick” flick like the Notebook or A Walk to Remember… with vampires. Maybe instead of romantic walks by the beach or enjoying beautiful scenery with the him and her, he bites her in the neck? :-p But it was more mature, more intense, and overall a very enjoyable movie. For those of you who have yet to seen it, the movie is about a high school girl named Bella Swan falling for a mysterious young man named Edward Cullen (what a cool name) who happens to possess some very unique traits. You can read the plot here on Twilight wiki, but I won’t spoil it for you.

Unlike most love stories, the ending climax build up of this movie got me on the edge of my seat, it was that good- and that means a lot coming from a horror zombie movies and Scifi action movies fan such as myself. Some things I found strange or not so well done in the movie is that Robert Pattinson who portrayed Edward was a little awkward at times. In his restraint to bite someone for blood, his portrayal of restraint and pain looked a bit like someone had rummaged through his pants. Another minor point is that his idea of a good date is to take Bella on a tree climb while she is on his back… but then again I was told by a friend that she find it hot as well 😦

Overall this movie is very good! It seems the movie follows the novel quite well, but the novel is more in depth and detailed. The next movie based on the 2nd novel is called New Moon and is rumored to be due some where in 2009, I think I will definitely check those out as well. Someone has asked me recently how the Twilight movie compares with Harry Potter. Well, those two can’t be compared as they are completely different! This is a very good movie in its own right, and gives off a completely different mature vibe than any other teenage movies out there. So if you haven’t seen it or your kids are bugging you to see it, I think you should oblige or do yourself a favor and watch it.

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PS: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!