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An Early Merry Christmas from Costume SuperCenter


An Early Merry Christmas from Costume SuperCenter

Whew! It felt like Halloween was just last week and now Christmas is almost here! Being one of the most popular Holidays in the world, Christmas is celebrated all over the globe! Make the most of this Christmas with the wide variety of Christmas costumes, accessories and the sweet holiday deals we offer on both.

Need to buy a lot of Christmas costumes and accessories in bulk? Check out what we are offering:

  • 20% off all Christmas costume and accessories on orders between $100 and $249.99.
  • 25% off all Christmas costumes and accessory on orders between $250 and $349.99.
  • 30% off all Christmas costumes and accessories on orders $350 and higher.

Until today, even I did not know Costume SuperCenter offers such a huge variety of Christmas costumes (no joke). From the Santa suits for all occasions, to sexy Missy Clause, sexy Elves, rain deer mascots and Pilgrim costumes for the more religious celebrations.

Christmas is just around the corner so everyone better get started on their shopping and present lists right now! As a matter of fact, I will start this weekend. Just remember, if you need Christmas costumes or accessories, Costume SuperCenter has got what you need!



Halloween Constest Winners!

Hey everyone, its been a very long time. A very busy Halloween! However, we have winners for our previously announced Halloween Costumes Video Contests, congratulations to all of our winners and to our grand prize winner Chelsea!

You can also view all of out entries here.

Costume SuperCenter Halloween Video Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner
Contestant 34254 Click to Watch
Chelsea C
Category Winner: Funniest
Contestant 30866 Click to Watch
Adam M
Category Winner: Cutest
Contestant 80341 Click to Watch
Bonnie H
Category Winner: Scariest
Contestant 94568 Click to Watch
Patrick C

Join Halloween Video Contest and win $5000!!!


Hey guys, I’ve been busy and have not been around in a short while.

As you all know, Halloween is rapidly approaching and boy oh boy do I got some news for you.

Right now Costume SuperCenter is hosting a very awesome Halloween Video Contest, enter and you can win $3500 USD in grand prize, or $500 USD in runner up prizes!

It is so simple, just sign up, choose between cutest, funniest, or scariest as your video’s category and you are already half way to wining half a grand! Record a video of you or your friend in some sort of Halloween costumes, do something funny, cute stupid or cool… or make a movie of it, paraodies of super heroes or whatever, host it on youtube and let everyone vote for you through our site!

The Halloween Video Contest ends on midnight of Oct 29th and the winner will be announced on the next day.

In case you didn’t know (well you should of ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), Costume SuperCenter is one of the largest online retailer of costumes for Halloween and all sorts of holidays. We got Halloween costumes for kids, adults, teens, women and toddlers. Take a look at our site for some of the coolest and hottest Halloween costume on the market right now.

And for all the Halo and Iron Man fan, sorry I didn’t get a chance to update as often, if there are info you want to know about, just leave a comment and I will get back to you or write something new just for you, its that I’ve been very busy…. and a lot happened for Halo and Iron Man too, I wish you guys can know what I know ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have fun and have a safe Halloween! And join our contest if you like fun things and money ๐Ÿ™‚


Costume SuperCenter on Weblog!

Hello everyone,

It is a pleasure to meet you all and to announce that Costume SuperCenter finally have its own weblog!

To introduce myself, my name is Mike and it is with great honor that I will represent you all in any inquires and dealings with Costume SuperCenter through our Blog.

For those that don’t know, Costume SuperCenter is one of the biggest and most competitive E-retailer for costumes, outfits, accessories and wigs for not only Halloween, but all other occasions as well. We are currently located in Edison, New Jersey, but our range of operation spans across North America and soon- World Wide.

The goal of our blog is to give not only people an inside view of Costume SuperCenter, but to reach out to you as well. I will blog about some of our issues, and how we solve them, answering your questions and inquiries, and also interacting with other businesses to learn how to best serve our customers.

I’m looking forward to hearing from y’all, happy blogging!