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Valentine’s Day – Tips, Advice and Some Fun Facts


Hey ladies and gentlemen, as you know Valentine’s Day is coming up soon (February 14th, as it is every year), if you forgot, then you owe me a big thanks as I have just potentially save your butt… just as someone saved mine last night!

Anyways before we proceed, has anyone ever thought about what Valentine’s Day is or how it was started? If you have ever thought about such a thing, here is a brief bit of history for your curious mind.

The first ever record of Valentine was in the early rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire, where several priest and bishops named Valentine (popular Roman name maybe?) became martyrs for religious cause. It wasn’t until almost a thousand years later in the Middle Ages, a misinterpretation of Geoffry Chaucer’s poem “Parlement of Foules” set the date of Valentine’s on the 14th of February.

As time progress, the name Valentine became more associated with love, in 14th century France, a court of love was established on Valentine’s Day to deal specially with marriage and love affair laws. In the early 18th century, the practice of writing notes to love ones or potential love ones became very popular in the New world and England, which soon gave way to specially made cards just for Valentine’s Day. Finally in 1969, the Catholic Church officially recognized St Valentine’s Day.

Well, that’s that for the history of Valentine’s Day. I am sure most of you (mostly guys) are scratching your head trying to plan out a perfect date for that special someone. I’ve looked around online at sites for dating tips, but to honest, most of them are those generic “send flower to the table”, “get her jewelry” or “play romantic music and eat at your place with candles” type of deal. I can totally imagine some poor guy making this perfect romantic dinner for the woman he likes, and yet during the whole “romantic” dinner they sit silently and awkwardly… what a way to bomb the date and not get another one!

Now I am no dating expert, but the points that I feel will be the most important is your confidence and knowing your partner well. First you should be confident in yourself; if you can get a date with him or her on Valentine’s Day then you are already set! No need to stress out on how to impress your date, be yourself and be fun, stop pretending to be someone else because that will save you a lot of grief in the long run when you can’t pretend anymore.

Don’t be so serious, I am sure everyone wants to either have fun or relax and have a good time, not to be uptight all night. If something does goes wrong like losing your reservation at the restaurant or getting lost, go with it! You are out to have a good time why are you stressing out? I would rather take a fun dinner over Wendy’s than a strict silent and awkward dinner at some upscale restaurant.

For the single people out there, no worries. No one said you need to have a date on Valentine’s Day; it’s just another day in a long year! If you are having trouble finding a date, just remember be confident, stop trying to impress others- the people that needs to be impressed aren’t worth it for you. As long as you respect, love yourself and dress accordingly, people will dig you!

Last but not least, for the couples that are already quite familiar with each other, some Valentine’s costumes will spice things up a bit (in the bedroom yayuhh) only if you are into that kind of stuff. Costume SuperCenter has some of the largest selection of sexy costumes for him and her just for occasions like this, so check them out!

Have a fun and happy Valentine’s Day!