Halo Armor: Master Chief MJOLNIR armor

To prepare for the release of our super exclusive Halo 3 Master Chief costume for Comic Con international 2008 of which most of you will get (you better 😀 ), I have written a little something for all the curious minds out there that always wanted to know more about the armors in Halo, specially the one being worn by Master Chief.

The Name

The MJOLNIR armor is named after the legendary weapon of MJOLNIR, the hammer of Thor. It is no coincidence that a piece of defensive hardware is named after a weapon, the MJOLNIR armor is probably the most dangerous weapon in a Spartan soldier’s arsenal, enabling the Spartan soldiers to kill even the biggest Covenant (Hunters) with just their bare hands (inside the armor gauntlet of course).

The History

The development of the MJOLNIR armor is lead by Dr. Catherine Halsey, an UNSC Naval Intelligence scientist. The armor originated as a prototype exoskeleton giving the wearer increase strength and stamina (see EXOS posting). However, the downsides of the earlier prototypes are the fact that they use an external power source, whether plugged in or leeching energy through wireless system, once the user is out of range or the generator is destroyed, the suit will shut down trapping the user inside!

With more research and developments, the later models of the MJOLNIR armors became what we see in Halo today. Master Chief himself wears MJOLNIR armor, specifically model IV, V and VI. Although the later models are more advance and each function capabilities are increased, they remain largely the same. No matter the model of the armor, they are all design for Spartan elite soldiers only, as the suit requires highly advance reaction time and co-ordination to control, if not probably managed, the user will experience series injuries if not death (don’t worry our Master Chief Costume wont kill you 🙂 ).

The Technology

The MJOLNIR acts as an extension of your body by directly plugging into your nervous system, letting the suit move along with your body at the mere thought of moving your muscles. There are no lags so all movement feels natural- even though a Spartan soldier in MJOLNIR armor weighs over a ton!

The armor plating of the MJOLNIR armor are designed specially for resisting beam and plasma weapons of the Covenant, capable of absorbing and dissipating energy blast for a short while before completely failing. However, the MJOLNIR armor is not completely invincible as a blast from one of the bigger Covenants like the hunter can melt through the MJOLNIR armor plating in one hit! The armor also has other technologies like advance weapons HUD (heads up display), rechargeable temporary energy shields, and medical bio-foams for self healing. The MJOLNIR armor is also air tight, and is capable of space use if it is not punctured or heavily damaged, making the Spartan soldier into one capable all around super soldier.

The Present

Much like Iron Man, many of such technology used in Master Chief’s armor are in developments today. Just like Iron Man armor, a prototype exo-skeleton is already being developed by the armor for the purposes of super soldiers on the battlefield. The HUD and computer devices that Master Chief uses in his helmet are also present in today’s more advance weapons.

Other features of the MJOLNIR armor like bio foams and the armor plating are also available in today’s world. Although not called bio foam, the army is currently testing a sort of vitamin foam that can be stored in a small packet that when applied over a wound, it will expand and harden over the wound stopping the bleeding and holding the wound together- much like how bio foam works. Much like Master Chief’s armor, the armor used on tanks today are made to absorb high intensity heat blasts- the same logic that makes lasers/plasma weapons so effective against armor. Of course those armor plating are heavy, but that’s why Master Chief weighs so much (and it’s not because he eats too much Burger King 😛 ).

If you stick around, I will also put up some background information on the Halo universe; everything from the games Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3 and everything else in between for you to read- I am sure many of you will find it very interesting.

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HALO 3 @ Comic Con International 2008!

Before I tell you all about the special announcement on Costume SuperCenter’s HALO exclusive, here are some news on Iron Man.

It appears that all the regulars, the director Favreau, the actors, have all agreed and signed on to the new Iron Man 2 movie. Everything is all good to go, and now we can sit back and wait two years for the next Iron Man movie to come out 😀 If there are any Iron Man updates or new information, you can be sure I will let you know about it.

Now, for those of you who knows something about Comic Con, you know that is where all the new ideas, comics, and superheroes movies make their appearance before hitting the mainstream. Now Comic Con International 2008 is going to be at San Diego within a month’s time- which is very soon.

For this years Comic Con International, the people who made HALO wants all the HALO fans to exercises a show of force and let the world know who’s the best, and for that task, Costume SuperCenter will be the sole distributor of the Offical Licensed HALO Master Chief costume for the Comic Con International 2008!

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If you haven’t heard of HALO before, you are missing out. Arguably one of the most popular first person shooters on the XBOX and XBOX 360, HALO combines an intriguing story line involving saving mankind and an action packed game play.

If you stay tune, I will be providing a lot of background story on HALO and their technologies that you wont know from just playing the game 😉 If you like what I did with Iron Man, be sure to come back in a few days!

Cool Iron Man Phone

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Iron Man fights Kungfu Panda

For all who have not seen this before, this is hilarious!

In order to promote Kungfu Panda, Ben stiller, the Panda’s voice Jack Black, Iron Man’s actor himself Robert Downey Jr all got together to make a video. May I add the end is not work safe, but the video gave me a great laugh (at work of course)

On a side note, the Iron Man mask that Robert Downey himself wore is the same as the ones from our costume 😉


Iron Man the movie: Iron Man tech, gadgets and accessories explained

If you have ever dreamt about how cool it would be getting your hands on Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, then you are probably dying to know about all the cool gadgets and technologies on it.

Don’t worry, with a little research and a fresh Engineering background, I have put together my best assumptions and analysis of all Iron Man’s gadgets, techs and how real or closely resembled they are by today’s technology.

The Armor

Iron Man Armor

Of course, you can’t have the suit without armor, and so let’s start off with Iron Man’s armor. In the movie, Tony Stark tells us that the armor is made from “Gold-Titanium Alloy”, and we have witness it to withstand not only bullets, but tank shells and high speed collisions with an F-22 Raptor. Unfortunately, unless our government is up to something sneaky, such high strength alloy is not possible (I have not heard of this alloy either, though I am not going to doubt its existence). Although Metallic Alloy is very strong, any metallic plating less than one inch thick is not going to stop a tank shell, Sabot or Armor piercing round, and especially not the depleted Uranium types most modern day tanks use… let alone a super sonic collision. If this kind of technology becomes available, we should call our bullet proof vest missile proof vest instead.

The Suit

The Iron Man suit itself, of all its various components, is surprisingly possible with today’s technology. As talked about in a previous blog posting about real life Iron Man, we have already begun to develop Exo-skeletons capable of giving us super human strengths! Our only limitation in a full suit is the miniaturization needed for all the hydraulic and magnetic components for movements- but that is the easy stuff once we get the electrical components to move as one with our body without any “lag”.

The Arc Reactor

How can you use the Iron Man suit without a power source? And that brings us to the Arc Reactor that Tony Stark uses to power the Iron Man suit. According to the movie (with unit conversion), the arc reactor used to power the very first bulky looking suit in the cave has as much power as 20,000 Toyota Camry’s- roughly four million horse power! It is simply unimaginable to have so much power in a jar the size of your fist… I wish it was possible. If it is- heck, forget the Iron Man suit, we would never have to pay for gas again.


Now the suit is all take care of, how do you plan on piloting it? Tony Stark has the help of JARVIS, but what about you? This aspect I believe is very attainable with modern day standards; with some help from a few smart computer techies you can run your own suit on Windows (although I don’t recommend that). JARVIS not only helps Tony to operate the suit, it also manages the Fire Control System (FCS) and helps it remain stable under high speed flight- both of which are already in use in our military today. Although Iron Man is not exactly aero dynamic, it will be highly unstable and not capable of handling super sonic flight, but if the F-22 can do it (highly complicated design of short wing span for stealth purposes, notorious for unstable handling at high speed beyond human capabilities) with an advance computer system, I am sure Iron Man can do it too.

The Repulsor Beam

Iron Man flying

Now I have never heard of anything close or resembling this “repulsor” technology, heck it’s not even a word, but from my best assumption base on this “word”, here are my thoughts. Since it’s called “repuslor”, then logically it works base on repulsion of some kind. And since it’s a beam, then it is not a rocket or any type of fuel based repulsion system. If I were to guess, then it would be that this technology focuses either light or particles in an ultra dense form on a spot and the energy from this high concentration of excited atoms are able to push or blast anything out of the way. Currently the only known repulsion of this form is using mirrors and foils… so you can form your conclusion on this one as whether or not it’s possible.

The Weapons

So far we’ve seen Iron Man use his flamethrower, anti personal guns on his shoulders, anti tank missiles on his arm and his repulsor beams. Now flamethrower is every little boy’s dream and have been in use since World War I, so that is definitely possible. The anti-personal gun looks to be rail guns of some sort where the projectile is shot out by a strong magnetic charge (think north pole pushing south pole magnets away, but in much larger magnitudes and instantaneous), that technology is already available and will be in our next generation of naval vessels to replace standard cannons. The missiles are also in use with our military, if you have ever seen shoulder mounted anti aircraft missiles aka STINGER, they are roughly about the same size though a bit longer but has a lot more range. So if you go with a lesser range missile, then you can probably cram them in your Iron Man armor as well.

Well that are all the Iron Man technologies and gadgets that comes to mind right now, hope that can satisfy your thirst for Iron Man information for a little bit. If you have any question or curious about something else, please let me know!

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Iron Man 2!

Sorry but my Iron Man excitement haven’t wore off yet so I am still on my hunt for cool Iron Man info’s.

What I learn is that Iron man two the movie is going to come out in 2010! (Wow that is a long wait).

The thing is, if you noticed, The incredible Hulk movie is also coming out soon this summer, and rumor has it, all the recent super heroes movies that is coming out, are all going to be tied together at some point… around the date of the Iron Man 2 release. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

Also rumor has it, that Iron Man 2 will feature James Rhodes (Terrance Howard) as War Machine… aka Iron man on steroids (not literally) aka Iron man with A LOT of guns. Also very exciting.

Last but not least, if you are looking for information on Iron Man and his cool looking armor, take at look at Iron Man Armory who’s author Tim have take his time to put back stories and specs on all of Iron man’s armors!

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See ya next time,


Uncle Sam Wants YOU….

To start getting ready for the next great American holiday, July 4th. This year will mark the 232-year anniversary of our country’s independence from England. Our founding fathers, like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin would be proud of the strides this country has made in securing justice and liberty for all. Do you know the Preamble to the Constitution? Try reciting it and then check how well you did (Check here).

Betsy Ross would be happy to see her red, white and blue flag flying high and the Statue Of Liberty forever holds her lamp high, lighting the way for newcomings to the New World. For those of you that have not had the chance yet to visit Lady Liberty, Click here for some interesting tidbits about her.

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This is the beginning of a GREAT summer!