3 More Months Till Halloween

That’s right folks, Halloween will be here before you know. That wonderful holiday when boys and girls of all ages (me included) like to dress up as their favorite ghoul, goblin, or character and parade the streets in search of goodies – and the occasional good scare! Most of you already know what great activities to participate in during this day, like costume parties, trick or treating, bonfires, ghost tours, bobbing for apples, and carving jack-o-lanterns. But, do you know the origins of this dark day?

Halloween, which derives from All-hallow-even (The eve of All Hallows Day or All Saints Day), was first introduced to the US by Irish immigrants in the 1800’s. Originally known as Samhain, it signifies the end of the harvest season. This time is also known as the Celtic New Year. At midnight on Halloween, it is said that the veil between the living and the dead is lifting and spirits roam freely. Scary costumes were traditionally worn to ward off any evil spirits that may enter our realm during this time.

Trick or treating in the US began around 1911 and is also thought to have been brought over by Irish immigrants. It is a practice similar to “souling” during Samhaim or “wassailing” during the Christmas season. Boys and girls travel door to door, wearing costumes and begging for treats.

Personally, this is my favorite holiday of the year. Being an observer of the Samhain holiday, I find great enjoyment combining the festivities of both the old and the new. My friends and I turn my backyard into a haunted graveyard, complete with ‘living’ ghouls, scary music and fog machines. The neighborhood kids get a real kick out of it and quite honestly, so do most of the parents too. You’re never too old to be a kid J!

For those of you looking to do your own haunted graveyard, backyard, etc, may I make a few suggestions. For Mom and Dad, you may want to try the Ghostly Gal Couple Costume, which would be a great effect if you are strolling through your haunted graveyard. Or you may want to try the Elite Gothic Vampira Adult Couple Costume for greeting the little neighborhood monsters at the door. For your fun-loving teens, we have Big Mad Wolf Young Adult, Vivacious Vampire Teen, Rag Doll Girl Young Adult. Your little will scare everyone on the block wearing Stitch Witch Child, Mummy Child, Skeleton Zombie Child. Even the family pooch can get into the action in the Pet Costume. These and other great Halloween costumes are available online at Costume SuperCenter.

I look forward to helping you this season with your costuming needs.

Kelli McCloud

Senior Customer Service Rep

P.S. For all you horror movie buffs like me, can you name the movie from which the song playing came from? Name The Horror Movie


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