HALO 3 @ Comic Con International 2008!

Before I tell you all about the special announcement on Costume SuperCenter’s HALO exclusive, here are some news on Iron Man.

It appears that all the regulars, the director Favreau, the actors, have all agreed and signed on to the new Iron Man 2 movie. Everything is all good to go, and now we can sit back and wait two years for the next Iron Man movie to come out 😀 If there are any Iron Man updates or new information, you can be sure I will let you know about it.

Now, for those of you who knows something about Comic Con, you know that is where all the new ideas, comics, and superheroes movies make their appearance before hitting the mainstream. Now Comic Con International 2008 is going to be at San Diego within a month’s time- which is very soon.

For this years Comic Con International, the people who made HALO wants all the HALO fans to exercises a show of force and let the world know who’s the best, and for that task, Costume SuperCenter will be the sole distributor of the Offical Licensed HALO Master Chief costume for the Comic Con International 2008!

The goal here is to completely swarm Comic Con all over with hundreds of us in our MJOLNIR Armor, it is going to be a blast 😀 Also, if you are wearing the officially licensed HALO 3 Master Chief Costume, stop by Rubies Costume’s booth # 5404-5407 during comic for the free gift give away!

If you haven’t heard of HALO before, you are missing out. Arguably one of the most popular first person shooters on the XBOX and XBOX 360, HALO combines an intriguing story line involving saving mankind and an action packed game play.

If you stay tune, I will be providing a lot of background story on HALO and their technologies that you wont know from just playing the game 😉 If you like what I did with Iron Man, be sure to come back in a few days!


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