Iron Man the movie: Iron Man tech, gadgets and accessories explained

If you have ever dreamt about how cool it would be getting your hands on Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, then you are probably dying to know about all the cool gadgets and technologies on it.

Don’t worry, with a little research and a fresh Engineering background, I have put together my best assumptions and analysis of all Iron Man’s gadgets, techs and how real or closely resembled they are by today’s technology.

The Armor

Iron Man Armor

Of course, you can’t have the suit without armor, and so let’s start off with Iron Man’s armor. In the movie, Tony Stark tells us that the armor is made from “Gold-Titanium Alloy”, and we have witness it to withstand not only bullets, but tank shells and high speed collisions with an F-22 Raptor. Unfortunately, unless our government is up to something sneaky, such high strength alloy is not possible (I have not heard of this alloy either, though I am not going to doubt its existence). Although Metallic Alloy is very strong, any metallic plating less than one inch thick is not going to stop a tank shell, Sabot or Armor piercing round, and especially not the depleted Uranium types most modern day tanks use… let alone a super sonic collision. If this kind of technology becomes available, we should call our bullet proof vest missile proof vest instead.

The Suit

The Iron Man suit itself, of all its various components, is surprisingly possible with today’s technology. As talked about in a previous blog posting about real life Iron Man, we have already begun to develop Exo-skeletons capable of giving us super human strengths! Our only limitation in a full suit is the miniaturization needed for all the hydraulic and magnetic components for movements- but that is the easy stuff once we get the electrical components to move as one with our body without any “lag”.

The Arc Reactor

How can you use the Iron Man suit without a power source? And that brings us to the Arc Reactor that Tony Stark uses to power the Iron Man suit. According to the movie (with unit conversion), the arc reactor used to power the very first bulky looking suit in the cave has as much power as 20,000 Toyota Camry’s- roughly four million horse power! It is simply unimaginable to have so much power in a jar the size of your fist… I wish it was possible. If it is- heck, forget the Iron Man suit, we would never have to pay for gas again.


Now the suit is all take care of, how do you plan on piloting it? Tony Stark has the help of JARVIS, but what about you? This aspect I believe is very attainable with modern day standards; with some help from a few smart computer techies you can run your own suit on Windows (although I don’t recommend that). JARVIS not only helps Tony to operate the suit, it also manages the Fire Control System (FCS) and helps it remain stable under high speed flight- both of which are already in use in our military today. Although Iron Man is not exactly aero dynamic, it will be highly unstable and not capable of handling super sonic flight, but if the F-22 can do it (highly complicated design of short wing span for stealth purposes, notorious for unstable handling at high speed beyond human capabilities) with an advance computer system, I am sure Iron Man can do it too.

The Repulsor Beam

Iron Man flying

Now I have never heard of anything close or resembling this “repulsor” technology, heck it’s not even a word, but from my best assumption base on this “word”, here are my thoughts. Since it’s called “repuslor”, then logically it works base on repulsion of some kind. And since it’s a beam, then it is not a rocket or any type of fuel based repulsion system. If I were to guess, then it would be that this technology focuses either light or particles in an ultra dense form on a spot and the energy from this high concentration of excited atoms are able to push or blast anything out of the way. Currently the only known repulsion of this form is using mirrors and foils… so you can form your conclusion on this one as whether or not it’s possible.

The Weapons

So far we’ve seen Iron Man use his flamethrower, anti personal guns on his shoulders, anti tank missiles on his arm and his repulsor beams. Now flamethrower is every little boy’s dream and have been in use since World War I, so that is definitely possible. The anti-personal gun looks to be rail guns of some sort where the projectile is shot out by a strong magnetic charge (think north pole pushing south pole magnets away, but in much larger magnitudes and instantaneous), that technology is already available and will be in our next generation of naval vessels to replace standard cannons. The missiles are also in use with our military, if you have ever seen shoulder mounted anti aircraft missiles aka STINGER, they are roughly about the same size though a bit longer but has a lot more range. So if you go with a lesser range missile, then you can probably cram them in your Iron Man armor as well.

Well that are all the Iron Man technologies and gadgets that comes to mind right now, hope that can satisfy your thirst for Iron Man information for a little bit. If you have any question or curious about something else, please let me know!

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18 responses to “Iron Man the movie: Iron Man tech, gadgets and accessories explained

  1. how is the movie suppose to show how he fly n how was this constructed? Wat is his feet based off?

  2. Hey Brady, I wasn’t sure what your question was, but to try and answer it: in the beginning of the movie, Tony was showing off the Jerico Missile, and the 2 special thing about that missile was its cluster bomb warhead, and also its special projection method: using the repulsor beam to launch the missile.

    Basically all he did was attached the repulsor beam onto his feet and hands, and use it as thrusters. By moving his hands around, he can create thrust in different directions to control his movements in the air, and the flaps you see on his armor that moves around (when he was testing his armor) acts like flaps on an airplane stabilizing the air going over the armor during flight.

  3. Wat about da “flairs” or dat circle he had on his thigh of his armour,da one he turned to remove the ice on his first flight,the one he used to blow up da missile dat was chasing him,don’t u think dats a gadget u left out, if it is explain it.and do you think if stark had an arc reactor equivalent to da one stain stole wud stark win the fight?and if starks armour is as strong as you say did u see the pictures of stark after the fight,stain practically made a full of his was he able to bend starks helmet like that?

  4. That’s a really good question, I completely forgot about flairs haha.

    Well that thing is pretty cool, it is just flairs but if I remember correctly it spins around to shoot them out so it can carry more flairs around in a circle. Flairs are like those emergency candle that you burn when your car is in an accident so people can see you, so they generate a lot of heat and noise, leading me to believe the missiles were heat seekers.

    As for breaking the ice, I don’t think that had anything to do with the flairs. He has a lever or something on his armor (below the flair place) that when it is pulled, all the flaps on his armor pops out. When the flaps popped out they broke the sheet of ice on his armor thus speeding up the de-icing process.

    I think that if Stark had an equivalent arc reactor the fight can be won easily since Stark knows his own design and weakness better than Stain. Stain however, like the typical bad guys, went with all power, thus if you are comparing armors in terms of strength and weapons then Stain would be able to crush Iron Man easily.

    Even if Stark had a more powerful reactor, he would of still been crushed if he didn’t use find a way to exploit the fact that Stain is slower and clumsier. Check out those massive hands and cylinder pumps on Stains armor, since his armor is based off the first Iron Man blue print, and made to be 10x bigger, you would assume it would at least be 10x more bad a** haha.

    All Stark did was improve and miniaturize, he really did not expand much on the offensive and strength wise of his armor.

  5. Several times while Tony is flying in the Iron Man suits he crashes violently into the ground (for example, during his escape from the Ten Rings, when he is shot out of the sky by the tank, etc.) Wouldn’t he be crushed into a bloody goo inside the suit when he hits the ground at high velocity?

  6. One more question. The Ten Rings wanted Tony to build a Jericho missile. The Jericho missile was the first to incorporate repulsor technology. Since none of the equipment whose parts Tony had to use in the cave had repulsors, how could he have created the Jericho without repulsors?

  7. Hey Ron, thanks for your questions!

    1. That is true isn’t it? Unless Tony found a way to break the laws of physics. I think the only logical way to explain this is that his suit is padded with some amazing jello stuff that can transfer almost all of any instantaneous impact and kinetic energy into heat and dissipates it out of the suit… which is why he didn’t turn into a bloody mess on the inside and still have some bruises. However, you brought up a very good point, no matter how good the padding and suit, they will not stop his organs from bouncing around and there is no doubt that doing what he does has an adverse effect on his life span… or if he hit something too fast there might not be much of him left within that suit.

    2. Well in a way Tony didn’t create the Jericho missile, and his first Iron Man suit inside the cave did not have repulsors either (this is known from the fact that Stain rather use rockets for his suit that is based on Tony’s first one). I had no doubt he would be able to create one however…. if he can build a miniature core reactor from scrap, the repulsor shouldn’t too much harder right?

  8. hey,thanx for answering ma qtns. but two just came up.
    1.did ironmans repulsor beams kill those dudes; could his repulsor beam kill you?
    2.was the 2nd arc-reactor equivalent to the big
    one in stark industries?
    3.since the only reason he couldnt reach that altitude was that the mark 2 was probably made outta titanium only,when he built it out of gold titanium,(therefore solving the icing problem)did that mean that he could go to space.
    4. the last qtn,did ironman have an oxygen supply,because moving at supersonic speed and reaching an icing altitude,dont u think he needed oxygen? thanx

  9. Hey Ray, no problems.

    To further answer your questions:

    1. I dont think his repulsor killed those guys, but probably knocked them out and whatever they hit probably killed them. It is just like getting hit by a huge gust of wind at once, probably hurts a lot but whatever you end up flying into is going to do the physical damage to ya.

    2. I think from an educated guess, the 2nd arc reactor was superior to the large one running the plant. The large one is the first one ever built, and Tony manage to build a miniature one with scrap, so I am sure with the added experience he was able to make an even better one with all the goodies back in his lab. Plus the engineers had the original design he made in the cave and couldnt even replicate it with the larger original, so thats why I think the one Stane stole from Tony is a superior version.

    3. Maybe, as a different composite alloy might contain property that does not alloy ice to form as easily (no idea as gold titanium doesnt exist) as I vaguely remember that in the movie, the icing probably was the electronic component was icing over thus turning off the suit. He probably found some type of shielding that keeps the thermal difference within the suit so the electronics kept on working.

    4. Yep he needs oxygen and you’re totally right. Or he might be able to process air from outside and store it in his suit to have a large supply of air.

  10. Do u think tony starks suit was water proof? Then remember when he had just come back from alfaginistan in the mark3 afta killing those guys,wat was jarvis doing to tony stark in his suit;was he helping tony remove the suit or fix all its bullet holes and damage when pepper came in?

  11. Well Ray, if Tony can keep himself pressurized flying that high in the air then I am sure its waterproof at least to the point he wont drown inside his suit.

    And I think Jarvis was trying to take off the suit off Tony when Pepper walked in.

  12. Gold-titanium alloys do exist but they are nothing exciting – gold would get a 12% of the atoms and forms gold-titanium compounds with more gold combined with the titanium but I doubt any of them are exciting iron man armour possibilities.

  13. what do u think the arc reactor was made of?

  14. So sorry 4 asking all these questions but;
    1. could you explain his flight further because airplanes normally remain flat in the air cause of the lift gained by their wings.he had no wings so what gave him lift or was he propelled like a missile?
    2. what were the repulsors on his palms used for in his flight because he first explained them to as flight simulators?
    3. how could he easily move in the suit cause he moved with difficulty in the mark 1 that had more space.
    4. when he was in the cave,he said that the first miniature arc reactor would power something big(probably meaning the mark 1) for 50 minutes. did that mean that after 50 minutes the arc reactor would black out or the thing that it was powering?
    5. is there a scientific explanation to how the suit gave tony stark super strength(carrying the car)?
    6. on the mark 2 and 3,what type of transparent substance protected the arc reactor from damage cause the terrorists could have just shot at the reactor and stark is gone?
    7. what form of energy or substance did the repulsor boots give off;heat,light,or a strong gash of air?
    8. remember the small ball like structure on this palms and boots that would light up and make a charging sound before the repulsion force was off, does that mean that that structure was at the back of the Jericho missile”?
    9. how did the flairs stop the heat seeking missile?
    10. is JARVIS the one that did the mixing of the gold and titanium in the making of the mark 3?
    11. how did the arc reactor keep the shrapnel from reaching stark’s heart?
    thanx alot.

  15. Hey np.

    1 & 2: Iron Man flies not as an airplane, but as a missile, therefore the repulsors on his hands acts as those side boosters (check satellites, space stations, small rockets on the side to regulate horizontal movements). The fins that occasionally pops up help gives him some aerodynamic stability, but he mainly flies like a rocket.

    3&5: In the building of the tin can, you can see a lot of pistons helping him move the arms, legs and other joints. The suit weights a lot, so you will need hydraulic powers to help you over come the extra weight to move. I would guess that he improved on those a lot, and so the later suit generated so much power, Tony can simply move his arm and the suit’s hydraulics will compensate enough for him to lift a car with no extra effort. An example of hydraulics is to look at something such as construction equipments, such as bulldozers, they can lift a massive amount of dirt on their shovels by hydraulics.

    4: All forms of reactors, or power source operates on a chemical reaction, even the sun. So by that 50 min time limit he probably meant that the energy required by the suit is so great that after 50 mins, the chemical reaction inside the reactor will be completely drained and the reactor will be done. Its kind of like driving, if you have a small tank of gas powering a large car, you will run out of gas very soon. But the later reactors- though smaller, can provide 100x more power.

    6: That I am not sure, probably some advance materials we don’t know about… or it could be his weak spot… and that no one has tried to shoot it yet!

    7: Well base on its name, the repulsor, I would expect it to operate base on repulsing particles away from the source… basically what everything does- turbine pushes air, jet pushes air faster etc. I think repulsor some how pushes light particles. There is a space project much similar to Star Wars where people are experimenting using large solar sails to gather sunlight, and the massive amount of light hitting the sails can move the space ship. I think repulsor is similar to that but very miniturized into a orb.

    8: Yes, the jericho missile’s propulsion system was what inspired Tony to make his suit fly, and he called it repulsor technology.

    9. Heat seeking missiles seek heat, and some missile tracks your radar signature. Flares are like fireworks, they burn very bright and very hot for a short amount of time, the heat will generally be hotter than your engine/propulsion source, so the missile gets trick to follow that instead. Some times flares, due to their crackling or burns, will distort radar signals, but I am not sure of why.

    10. Yes I think so, Jarvis does all the work, while Tony just comes up with the idea. I am sure he has a manufacturing facilities under his house.

    11. The reactor’s original purpose was to generate electricity, which in turns powers an electro-magnet that pulls the metal shrapnel piece so it wont go into his heart anymore. Electro magnets can be found in like naval yard, or junk yard where you see crane moves over a metal crate or car, and once the electricity turns on, the metal becomes a magnet, and then once the power is turned off, it drops whatever its holding and becomes a metal hunk again.

  16. i know i ask a lot of questions but every time im done, new qtns come popping in. u talked about, side boosters. what is there use on missiles when i asked for the use of the repulsor beams in starks flight?
    2. how come the ironmonger was able to catch up with iron man, yet starks flight source was more modern and his suit was smaller? did the ice affect the suit(the mark 2)
    4.when he first tests the mark 2, and after he has convinced JARVIS to activate the repulsors at his boots and he is about to fly, small little plane images appear at different altitudes. what was that all about? talk about the missile having repulsor tech, when was it shown,when the missile is going up,when its separating or when its little cluster bombs are headed for the mountain to explode?
    6.what was so significant about the repulsor technology on the Jericho missile, did it save energy, was it cheaper than burning missile fuels?
    7. Do u have any new information on Iron man 2 the movie?

  17. Nice Post!

    I can’t wait for Iron Man 2 movie to come out. Hopefully, Don Cheadle playing War Machine and Mickey Rourke “The Wrestler” playing Whiplash will be a great addition to the Iron Man cast. Do you know if this is going to involve any of the Avengers’ cast? That movie is suppose to come out soon.

  18. I noticed a lot of Question concerning the fictional armor.
    My quest is in regard to the computer tech they showed stark using to improve the armor.
    1. can anyone tell me about the pen like device he used to move an image from 1 monitor to the other.

    2. what kind of keyboard was he using – i don’t recognize the configuration or the symbols .

    3. how much memory do you thing think his had or do you thing he was using multiple computer a a super computer like the one built by M.I.T a while back

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