Iron Man 2!

Sorry but my Iron Man excitement haven’t wore off yet so I am still on my hunt for cool Iron Man info’s.

What I learn is that Iron man two the movie is going to come out in 2010! (Wow that is a long wait).

The thing is, if you noticed, The incredible Hulk movie is also coming out soon this summer, and rumor has it, all the recent super heroes movies that is coming out, are all going to be tied together at some point… around the date of the Iron Man 2 release. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

Also rumor has it, that Iron Man 2 will feature James Rhodes (Terrance Howard) as War Machine… aka Iron man on steroids (not literally) aka Iron man with A LOT of guns. Also very exciting.

Last but not least, if you are looking for information on Iron Man and his cool looking armor, take at look at Iron Man Armory who’s author Tim have take his time to put back stories and specs on all of Iron man’s armors!

Finally, this would not be a Costume SuperCenter blog without me saying something about costumes. So I will say that now in addition our new and realistic Iron Man costume, we have the new Incredible Hulk costume from the upcoming Hulk movie!

See ya next time,



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