Bad Habits?

I guess we all once had or still have this bad habit- and that is saving the planning until the last moment.

This happens everyday- but I was reminded again today as one of our female customers call in to order a costume for her children who’s birthday is on Thursday. Now this particular customer lives in an area where standard shipping takes four days, and including today, there is exactly 4 days until her children’s birthday!

Even though the shipping duration is four days, the arrival time of the package is not always exact nor guaranteed. Not only that, with the huge amount of shipments that shipping companies like Fedex and UPS send out, with even an error rate of 0.1%, that could easily amount to thousands of packages being lost everyday!

The best advice is, not only for our customers, but for everyone in life: plan ahead, that way you will have room to prepare for the unexpected, then in the end, everything can and will be worked out the way you want it!

Quote of the day: “How many nun costumes do we have in the warehouse?

Have a nice day



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